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To better inform and support you in selling a property, we offer three FREE INDISPENSABLE real estate tools:

This handy guide covers the various steps in selling a property and what to expect along the way – whether it’s before, during or after the sale. Since forewarned is forearmed, this guide will go a long way in helping you to make the right decisions.

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Thinking of selling your home? Want to know how much it’s really worth so that you can maximize the gain on your investment?

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These reports will keep you informed of all real estate activities in your area by giving you access to factual and meaningful statistics. We update these detailed reports each month with all the relevant information that’s normally reserved for real estate brokers, but which can be immensely useful to anyone looking to sell a property:

  • All properties sold during the current and previous month
  • Median asking price
  • Median selling price
  • Number of new properties for sale
  • Number of properties sold
  • Average number of days on the market
  • Statistics available by postal code and by property type

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The Steps in a Real Estate Transaction

By your side throughout the entire process

  • Carefully analyzing and determining your property’s real market value
  • Determining a competitive price with you to position you advantageously on the market
  • Gathering the necessary documents for the sale
  • Preparing the house: cleaning, repairs, depersonalizing
  • Deploying a proactive and diversified marketing strategy to maximize demand for your property
  • Ensuring potential buyers are pre-approved
  • Handling visits and updates; receiving and presenting offers to purchase
  • Leveraging our targeted marketing to negotiate the highest possible price
  • Confirming that all conditions are being met: inspection, financing, etc.
  • Accompanying you to the notary to sign the deed of sale